3 Feet Of Snow On The Roof

With all the snow we’ve gotten this winter, it was apparent that we would have to do some maintenance to the up north property which doesn’t get visited much during the winter months. This meant that we were going to have to shovel off the roof of the cabin to prevent the weight of the snow from collapsing the roof. On one Saturday in March we made the trip up north and worked on clearing the snow from the roof. There was at least three feet of snow up there, as well as a few layers of ice from the ice storms we had over the winter. It took about four hours and three men to clear as much of the snow off as we could. As a result of moving three feet of snow from the roof to the ground, it created a seven foot snow pile all the way around the building. I suspect there will still be snow left to melt when we go up there 4th of July weekend.