BIGO Against Humanity

Do you enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity and want to play it with some of your favorite broadcasters from BIGO Live? Thanks to BIGO ID: McDanielOTM, a version of Cards Against Humanity with BIGO cards added, is now available. You can click one of the links below to play the game, or watch along while we play the game on our streams. If you’re interested in buying the actual physical copy of the Cards Against Humanity you can find a few great deals on Amazon.

Game Link:

To play the game, please visit one of these two links. Each game is just a little bit different than the other game. Listen to which game we point out during the broadcast to get the right game to play along with us. Sometimes we are choosing to play game one, and sometimes we would rather play game link two.

Link One:

Link Two: (will update soon)

Rules For Our Cards Against Humanity Game:

  1. Draw 10 White Cards from the White Card pile. Grab a white card and drag it into the box at the bottom of the playing screen. These are your cards and by placing them in this area nobody else will be able to see your cards. You’ll want to make sure you have at least 4 players, although you can have as many as 6 players using the game board we have established.
  2. The first person who gets selected (the Card Czar) draws the first Black Card from the Black Card pile and reads the card aloud.
  3. The rest of the players will lay down a White Card in the center of the game board, that appropriately matches and pairs with the Black Card. The goal here is to choose a card that matches the funniest, or that the Card Czar likes the best.
  4. The Card Czar then re-read the Black Card and start flipping over the White Cards, reading them aloud one-by-one.
  5. The Card Czar then chooses which card she likes the best or thinks is the funniest. The person who laid that card down will push the button next to their card stack that says “Winner” and all of the cards will reset to the pile, while the winning card will now go into your Winner Stack that will keep track of how many winning cards you’ve played.
  6. The next person in the line of players will then become the Card Czar and draw the next Black Card. A new round has now begun. You will repeat these steps until you’ve either reached a certain number of points, or until you’re sick of playing.

Game Card Submissions:

Are there some cards missing in the deck? Suggest them below. Think of some creative Black Cards or White Cards and send them to us to add to the deck. Find a good Black Card from the existing deck, and make up an appropriate White Card to match up with it. You can do it the other way around to, for example you might create a black card that reads “I knew I was going to get banned eventually. I didn’t think it would be from _________” Let your mind run wild and come up with some great creative BIGO related cards to add to the deck. Submit them below.