BIGO Dino Plush Lotto

In an effort to offer value to viewers on BIGO I’m doing a BIGO Dino giveaway lottery. For only 50 diamonds, The Fireworks, you can get one entry into the BIGO Dino lottery. I will draw for the Dino every week, probably on Sunday night until I’ve given away at least two BIGO Dino plush toys.

This is the cheapest, most accessible way that people can get their hands on a piece of elusive BIGO Live merch. Dino plush toys are usually purchased from the SVIP store in the US Region for 500 points, which is the equivalent of spending $10,000 in a single month on diamonds. A lot of people have the misconception that it costs $10,000 for a BIGO Dino toy, but in reality it costs $10,000 to buy the diamonds that you will send out to your favorite broadcasters or trade to hit tiers, and in exchange you also get free SVIP points included with your purchase.

There aren’t as many opportunities to get one of these cute BIGO Live toys for such a cheap price. In past raffles I’ve held, I’ve given away BIGO Live Dino Plush for only a 100 diamond entry fee. That entry fee has been cut in half so it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a BIGO Dino plush toy.

1 entry is 50 diamonds. 3 entries is 100 diamonds, and for 999 diamonds you can get 50 entries. These entries double if you send the diamonds during an official rebate PK event. All you have to do is send the gifts and tell me you’re entering the lottery. Then you will get to choose your choice of numbers between 1 and 1000. All of the entries are tracked at so you can see which numbers were drawn and which numbers were selected each week. It’s always updated in real time so you can always monitor and track it for yourself.