Classic Shows: The Eternal Skunk Show (April 20, 2015)

Episode 12 – Trees Are Terrific (4-20-15)

The Eternal Skunk Show comes back for a special 4/20 edition of the show after a two week hiatus. I would be lying if I said that no trees were harmed during the making of this podcast. The guys start off the show discussing the best movies to watch when smoking, and O explains why Neil Patrick Harris can do anything. The guys also wonder why Wisconsin has a high number of serial killers. Green Bay Packers talk and NCAA College Basketball Championships come up, along with the usual conversation about Bing, which seems to be the unofficial sponsor of the show. Current events this week include a story about an ESPN reporter who was suspended, and the guys wrap up the show by commentating a few videos of a recent 40-car pileup in Wyoming that involved a lot of high speed semi trucks. There’s all this plus a few extra surprises on this special tree hugging episode of The Eternal Skunk Show.