BIGO Dino Raffle

Have you ever wanted to win your very own BIGO Dino plushie? Now is your chance, and for the entire month of January, I’ll be giving away a BIGO Dino to one lucky supporter. If you send one Family Shield (or the equivalent – 999 in family gifts) you will be entered in the raffle to win this BIGO Dino Raffle. There will be a maximum of 300 entries for this particular raffle and it won’t be drawn until we get 300 entries. Winners must be located in the following countries, including the United States.

Eligible Countries For Winners:

You can see all of the entries I have down in the image below. I’ll try to update this every couple of days so make sure to check back. If for some reason your entry doesn’t get marked down, please reach out to me on IG: cody80live (or WhatsApp if you have it) with evidence of your entry including the date and the time you sent the entry.

Current Dino Raffle Entries: