It’s Finally Here!

After three months of getting the runaround, my new truck has finally arrived. If you remember, my truck was destroyed in a fire back in April and I have been bouncing in and out of loaner trucks since then. I’ve been putting constant pressure on those in charge, but I kept being told that it has to due with delays in the manufacturing process. Apparently Freightliner had been going through some issues in the production of their newly released 2019 Cascadia, as per the specifications that Schneider sets their trucks up, so there was a shortage of available trucks.

It’s such a relief to finally have a forever home after bouncing in and out of foster trucks for the past three months. It’s quite a relief not to have to take all of my belonging in and out of the truck each night and having to worry about somebody else using the truck when I’m gone. There’s nothing worse in this job than having somebody else use your assigned equipment who doesn’t care nearly as much about it’s condition as the person who has to drive it every day. I’m so very thankful that life is going back to some kind of normality.