Keto Journey Begins

Recently I’ve had a few friends share their recent health situations on social media. They showed how they had been uncomfortable with their previous weight or health conditions and wanted to make a change. It only took about five weeks to see some noticeable gains in their progress and their confidence to share it with friends and family. Being unsatisfied with my own weight situation, I thought it might be time to go down a similar path of my own.

I’ve had friends and family mention the keto diet before, but I can admit that I had no interest when I found out that giving up things like bread and sugar and everything else that I consider to be tasty were part of the deal. The progress and transformation that these people of gone through can not go unrecognized. You don’t take money advice from broke people and you don’t take marriage advice from a person going through a divorce. Likewise, if you are going to trust somebody’s health and fitness advice you better be confident that they have gone through the process themselves and have shown to be successful with it.

After seeing a few success stories I figured it was time to do a little research of my own and see what exactly I need to do to put this into action. I found a website called that had a 14 day Keto challenge course showing recipes as well as many other resources and information. The recipes are simple and easy to make any ingredients are simply things like chicken breast and ground beef and vegetables.

When we compiled our grocery list I was able to categorize it into three different sections. There is the meat category with things like chicken thighs and ground beef and ribeye – all things I love to eat

as it is. There was the produce section, which had pretty much nothing but greens, like broccoli, celery, onions, and something called leeks, which really just looks like giant onions.

The last category I called “aisle.” It had miscellaneous items that you would find in the store aisles. It included things like green olives and mayonnaise and wasabi. In total we were able to keep the weekly grocery bill under $80 which is unusual because I generally spend over $150 when I go to the grocery store. Soda and potato chips and other junk really start to add up when you throw it in the cart based on want rather than based on necessity.

Tomorrow kicks off day one of what I hope is a long-term keto transformation journey. I will try to update with my experiences along the way including things like my meal plans, helpful tools, and information I learned along the way. Follow me on my journey or share the stories of your own keto journey. Find me on social media Twitter @cody_rose Instagram cody_rose and and tell me how you went through your own transformation using the keto diet. I look forward to hearing from you!