Please Don’t Sue Me Steven Spielberg

I’ve spent more than half of my adult working life working 3rd shift jobs. I feel like I’m just better suited to work during the nighttime hours when the rest of the world is in bed. I’ve done things like stocking the shelves at a department store, to working overnight at a convenience store, to my current job of driving truck over the road. Work is so much less stressful when all the bosses are asleep.

Having done 3rd shift jobs for so long, I’ve been able to rack up a number of unusual experiences dealing with other drivers, my regular customers, and my burnout co-workers. I wanted to share some of these short stories with you before I forget them all. Some of them are so wacky and unbelievable that I’m not sure that I didn’t just imagine them. Some of these stories didn’t happen to me directly, but instead happened to people I knew and I wanted to tell their tale. In any case, the statute of limitations has run on almost all of these stories.

I’m calling this segment “Encounters of the 3rd Shift Type” which is not to be confused with the similarly titled box office hit from Steven Spielberg. Please do not take me to court over this, Mr. Spielberg.