Product Review – Dream Vision Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android

This is my review for the Dream Vision Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android. I was not given the headset for free in return for this review, and I did not get paid to make a positive review or this product. Any product or service that I feature on is truly a product that I stand behind and I will always give you my 100% truthful opinion of it

Where Did I Discover Dream Vision?

I was walking through the electronics department at Walmart and I caught a glance at the Samsung Gear VR on display near the computer keyboards. Since it’s made by Samsung, I immediately assumed that it wouldn’t work for my iPhone 6S+ so I began looking for other virtual reality headsets that would fit my phone. In that section of the store they had three or four different units for sale, some even as low as $11.99, although those looked very cheaply made and were too small to fit my massive phone.

I ended up settling on the Dream Vision device for about $30, mostly because of the price (compared to the others for sale that were $10-20 more expensive) and also because it was large enough to house devices up to six inch screen size. I didn’t notice it until I got it home, but it also has built-in retractable ear buds so you can fully immerse yourself in the action with surround sound.

What Do I Think?

The Dream Vision Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset appears to be very well built. It’s very lightweight and very durable, as well as comfortable. It’s got an adjustable 3-point strap with soft foam padding for a secure fit. Both me and my fiance had difficulty with the strap on the top of the unit. Either it was too tight and wanted to spring off your face, or it was too loose and didn’t seem to be very effective. We found it more useful to just slide that top strap off to one side of your head.

What Can You Do In Virtual Reality?

I was able to find a list of available on the product’s website where they had apps for both iPhone and Android. One of my favorites is the Fox Sports VR app. It allows you to watch sports from many different points of view, such as the sidelines of either team. There’s also a stat board and video replays available at your…. Well it’s not at your fingertips, per say, because all you really need to do is look at them. It truly is a 360 degree view of the event and when you are wearing the unit, it feels like you are really standing there.

Another one of my favorite apps available in virtual reality is called UAR VR, which stands for United Arab Emirates. It allows you to visit a beautiful palace in 3D and 360 degrees right from your couch. It comes complete with a virtual guide who will explain the history and the detail of individual items by “clicking” on the info logo. It also allows you to “walk” from room to room, into the courtyard, and into the reflecting pool areas by selecting the move graphic on the screen.

There are hundreds of different experiences available in virtual reality. From scuba diving with the fishes, to visiting exotic locations like Brazil, China, and the moon. Jump out of an airplane, ride a roller coaster, and hang out with dinosaurs in a virtual 360 degree version of a prehistoric forest. You can also practice your speeches in front of a virtual audience so you can know what it feels like to have all eyes on you before the big day arrives.

Virtual reality is the future and I look forward to seeing new applications for its use. It’s possible that these already exist, but I’d like to be able to watch my favorite movies from the passenger seat of the plane they are flying in, or an episode of Seinfeld from Jerry’s living room. I want to experience the rush of Daytona 500 victory lane from the view of the crew chief. These things are already possible, or at least the technology already exists to make them possible, but we are just waiting for more developers who can make it into a product we can find in an App Store.

Where Can I Buy It?

I was able to find the Dream Vision VR headset in the electronics section at Walmart. It was priced about middle of the row compared to the other devices available. It can also be found online at places like Best Buy and Amazon or anywhere else you buy electronics. You can find it by clicking the link below to see reviews and more info.