Almost Got Caught Speeding


Back in December I was driving through Pennsylvania on I76 and I was coming down the mountain pretty fast. The speed limit is posted at 65mph and I was doing 70-75mph. As I was coming down the mountain, I heard another driver on the CB radio announce that there was a police officer waiting for me just around the corner. By the time I heard the message and tried to slow down, it was too late. I already saw the officer and he was already beginning to come after me. I’ve never had a speeding ticket in my life. I’m actually quite a safe driver, although some might say that I’m slow and unnecessarily cautious.

While I was looking down at the speedometer and trying to slow down, I didn’t notice that a car had just passed me going much faster than me. He had to have been going 80-85mph. So while I thought the state trooper was coming after me for speeding, he was really going after the other car. You can hear it in my commentary, that I thought I was busted for sure.

This video was filmed using the Drive HD Camera by Cobra.