Roadmap To Hitting Tiers on BIGO Live

Are you watching all of the big stars on BIGO Live reaching 20 boxes, 50 boxes, or even 100 boxes and wonder how you can hit tiers on BIGO without putting your own money into the app? I’m here to help you come up with a plan to do just that and all you need is a little time, the ability to accept delayed gratification, and some discipline. You don’t even need any talent at all, although having something entertaining to showcase is only going to make this process happen quicker. If you stay focused and focus on the bigger goals, you will reach them in no time, but you need to maintain discipline. This is how to hit tiers on BIGO.

1st Month

Getting The Free Beans From BIGO

You’re not going to get to the higher tiers without sending some diamonds out, that’s just a certain fact. Especially since you aren’t an established host, and you didn’t come with a fan base. So how do you get diamonds to send out without recharging your account? You get free beans from BIGO for participating in PK events. Every single day, BIGO offers it’s host the opportunity to participate in PK events like BIGO New PK or Friendly PKs that pay between 500-750 beans per PK, JUST FOR SHOWING UP! Make sure you sign up for PKs as often as possible. These rewards can take between a week and four weeks to show up in your wallet, but rest assured that they will show up. Keep in mind that these beans will not count toward your monthly target. If you can somehow manage to get one BIGO New PK and one Friendly PK in each of your first 15 days, that’s 18750 beans that you will accumulate, ON TOP OF any beans that users send to you. 18750 beans is equal to around 5400 diamonds that you can send out after you convert those beans.

Getting Gifted By The Users

In order to reach the minimum target in the BIGO Live US/CA region, you need to earn a minimum of 40,000 beans received from other users. In a 30 day month, that is an average of 1333 beans received per day for 30 days. It’s not a bad idea to break that down into daily goals. “Today I need to earn at least 1500 beans in order to be “on pace” to hit the 40,000 beans mark for the month.” Do not settle until you’ve reached your 1500 beans for the day. In addition to going live in your own broadcast, visit other people’s streams, participate in multi live panels. Spend as much time networking and making new friends. Bring value to the community. Conduct a beans raffle on BIGO and give away a big prize in exchange for smaller entries. Scratch and claw during your first month to earn as many beans as possible. Even if you don’t receive that 40,000 beans mark in your first month, you may be eligible to earn some pay for earning 10,000 or 20,000 beans instead of the 40,000 beans mark. You do not want to AIM for these goals, because the payout is not proportionate. It’s not a great value to shoot for those targets, but they’re nice safety nets in your first month so at least you can earn SOMETHING, but definitely try to make sure you reach that 40,000 beans target for the first month. Consider taking a loan from a friend to reach the 40,000 mark, but only as a last resort.

DO NOT CASH OUT DURING YOUR FIRST MONTH! THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you cash out in your first month, your second month becomes your first month all over again because you are starting over at zero. Delay that gratification and save those beans in your wallet so you can invest it and make even more money.

Beans Received (1500 beans per day)13086 diamonds
Friendly PK / BIGO New PKs (1250 beans per day*15 days)+5400 diamonds
Total in beans received for the month18486 Diamonds
Plus 40,000 salary+39085 Diamonds

2nd Month

Planning Your Strategy

Let’s assume earned the 40,000 beans target in your first month. That would have paid you about 134400 beans in salary plus another 45,000 beans worth of beans received. That converts to around 52,000 diamonds that you’ll be able to send out. That’s not including any of the rewards for the Friendly and BIGO New Pks you did last month. Now you have trade bait! You’ll have 52,000 to send out to other broadcasters, in exchange for 52,000 beans in return. Plan PKs with a team that you assemble. Continue to do Friendly Pks to secure those free beans, but now consider signing up for the Theme Pks which will pay 1000 beans to the loser, and 2000 beans to the winner. These are Pks that you still don’t need to win, you just need to show up to it. Winning these PKs are only a bonus. Do not actively try to win, or spend money trying to win these. Try getting as many of these Pks as you can handle. Let’s assume you are able to secure eight Theme Pks in the month. This should earn you a minimum of 8000 beans in rewards (1000*8), plus another 11,250 beans in rewards if you continue doing 15 Friendly Pks through your second month (750*15). Continue shooting for that 40,000 beans tier for month two. That’s 1500 beans per day. You’ll see why this is important later.

Higher Risk / Higher Rewards

In month two, your goal becomes signing up for bigger PKs, once that have a little more risk, but a little more reward. These are PKs you will want to win in order to maximize your rebate. Try searching for 50% or higher rebate PKs. The higher the reward, the higher the risk. For example, if you sign up for an 85% rebate PK, there is a high probability of going up against one of the more established hosts who will be trying to max out the event and earning 125,000 beans in the PK. This would be a complete loss if you trade during this scenario. Every once in a while, you have an opponent who doesn’t show up, and you’re able to replace the PK with a friend who will intentionally lose and give you the high rebate. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to get as many beans as you can in this PK to get as many beans as rewards as possible.

The Payoff

From your first month, you have over 57000 diamonds available after you convert your salary and you’re going to want to send that out to your team. If you’re one of my hosts or members of my family, reach out to me and I’ll find you a good partner to work with. The plan here is that you send them 57,000 diamonds and they send you back 57,000, but this time you’re doing it during an 85% PK and earning 48,450 beans back as a reward. You might even consider taking out a short term loan with your team. You have 5 dragons on hand, but if your team sends you 7 dragons first, you’ll have enough to pay back those two extra dragons later. For this math, we will assume that you don’t ask for a loan. Also keep in mind that you’ll have your 40,000 goal in beans from throughout the month PLUS you’re getting 57000 beans from the PK so you’ll have reached that 90,000 goal.

Beans Received (1500*30days) = 45000 beans13086 Diamonds
Friendly PKs Rewards (750*15 days) = 11250 beans+3271 Diamonds
85% Rebate PK (57000*0.85) = 48450 beans+14090 Diamonds
Beans Received in 85% PK = 57000 beans+16576 Dimaonds
Total in beans received for the month47023 Diamonds
PLUS SALARY (168,000 beans)+48857 Diamonds

Decision Time

Continue Investing Or Quit Right Now?

You can see if you follow this plan, you’re on pace to hit the 90k tier by your second full month. That’s a $800 cashout, plus whatever beans you already had in your wallet. You can cash that out as soon as we receive our pay, which usually falls around the 8th of each month, but then you basically start all over at month one. You have the option to continue to roll this forward, and in a few short months you’ll be in position to be cashing out thousands each month PLUS maintaining beans in the app to keep this process going. Hitting higher tiers, and doing bigger things on BIGO also gets you noticed, and opens up the possibility of getting additional organic support as long as you’re providing good content in your streams. I’ll go into further detail on month three and beyond in a future post, and show you exactly how to flip these beans and take home massive cashouts each month, but you have to delay the gratification just a little bit. It’s well worth it in my opinion. Stay tuned for more guides like this in the near future.

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