Somebody Wanted To Teach Me A Lesson

When I was approaching my turn from Harlem Ave in Bedford Park, IL to 71st Street on my way into the CSX Bedford Park rail yard, I had this big truck behind me. The light was green, but since Harlem Ave is so busy I didn’t find a safe opportunity to make the turn so I stayed put. The guy behind me thought I should have taken one of those close call opportunities to zoom across and make the turn, and when I didn’t he gave me the horn. The light finally changed to red and we were forced to sit there for an entire red light sequence.

When we got to the railyard, he made sure to zoom ahead of me. To teach me a lesson, he stopped excessively long at the stop sign, hoping that I would honk or try to pass him. When I patiently waited for him to go, he decided to put on his flashers to indicate that I should pass. I sat there a few more moments before finally pulling out to go around. That’s when he zoomed off and honked the horn at me. That’s when I came on the CB radio and asked, “Were you, like, teaching me a lesson? Is that what that was?”

I just don’t understand people. He couldn’t have been in that much of a hurry if he had time to play stupid fucking games like that.