Why Solidifying Your BIGO Family Is Smart Business in 2023

People have many different reasons for starting their own BIGO family, many of which are selfish. Some people think the only way they will be respected is if they are looked up to as a leader, or a founder as many BIGO hosts refer to them. Others see a financial benefit to starting their own family. Some people just want something they can call their own and a space they don’t have to share a vision or ideas with another leadership figure. In 2023, those are all awful reasons to start your own family and I’ll explain to you why.

The Founder Badge

Some hosts on BIGO are strictly after clout. They wanted that coveted “Founder Badge” a crown that shows up next to your family name to announce that you’re the leader of the family. They feel as though they’re in some kind of powerful position if they’re a family leader. All the family leader tag means is that you’re no longer free to make adjustments and you’re locked into that family forever, or else you lose your ability to ever be a family leader ever again.

Grant Cardone gives people the financial advice that people should “Rent where you want to live and own what they can rent to others” and I think this quote is fitting here too. When you’re a family leader, you are tied down to that family. You can’t leave for the opportunity to do Box PKs. If another opportunity comes along, but requires you to be in a different family, you’re going to be locked there forever. Being a family member instead of a family leader allows you the flexibility of switching families or joining a movement stronger than your own with ease.

Strength In Numbers

Back in 2021 I created an extension of Marlins’ Ruthless family called Ruthless (CA) which was designed to take advantage of the higher rebates that were offered in Canada at the time. It was also to add another bullet to our Box PK gun. They were only giving families 300 or 500 boxes, and we needed closer to 700 or 1000. The thought at the time was that if we have two families, we can shuffle members around as needed to make sure everybody got as many boxes as they needed. Friends Unite was another family trying to capitalize on the system by creating a parallel family.

At the end of 2022, smart money realized that only the Top 5 families in family prestige profit from doing Box PKs and that unless you’re getting 300 or more boxes, you’re better off putting your beans into 75% and higher rebate events. That’s when Ruthless (CA) was disbanded, because it made more sense for everybody to combine efforts and to compete under one family banner.

Multiple Families Under One Roof

I’ve said since 2022 that while it’s ok to create cliques and to mostly roll with a smaller crowd, it might make sense to do that under the same parent family. Powerhouse does this in some ways. Under Twenty’s overall leadership, Powerhousr really operates several smaller families under the same roof. God Zues and his crowd stick mostly together, some of the newer up and coming hosts stick closely together, and even hosts like Dale, Starbuns, and Savy Agent, sort of run independently of the big group. Their combined efforts are why they are consistently a Top 5 family every season. Bear City is another family that operates like this. While everyone mostly gets along and is friendly with one another, there’s smaller subfamilies that form together to make up the larger family.

I think it’s time for some of these family leaders to suck up their pride and take their families members over to their alliance families and forge together and combine efforts in order to compete with the big dogs in todays market. Being in a large family does not mean more people you’re forced to network with. You can keep your smaller cliques and work together with other cliques under the same overall family to make an impression in the leaderboards.

Being a leader doesn’t always have to mean getting recognition or the one holding the trophy. Being a winner in this community sometimes means sacrificing for the overall benefit of the team. It’s the only way you’ll be able to truly compete against the likes of Karma and Direwolves for the right to say you’re number one in North America and get the unfair advantages that those families currently have.