BIGO’s Over-saturation Woes: A Call for Quality Control

The BIGO Live app, once a vibrant space for genuine talent, is now grappling with an over-saturation problem in the US/Canada region. The root cause lies in agencies recruiting hosts with little regard for quality, as they focus on meeting minimum recruiting standards and performance quotas.

To address this issue comprehensively, let’s delve further into the proposed solutions. Firstly, agencies should be required to distribute a referral code for scheduling auditions. Only those who discover BIGO Live through the agency’s unique tracking link should be eligible to become official hosts. This ensures that individuals drawn to the platform organically are the ones entering the spotlight, while exceptional talents can still request exemptions through live auditions, maintaining a balance between inclusivity and quality standards.

Moreover, let’s take a closer look at the financial incentives for hosts and the issue of enticing trades. By lowering rebates and eliminating box PKs, we make it less financially appealing for hosts to engage in trades. This strategic move will not only cut down on the number of low-quality hosts but also create a more sustainable and authentic ecosystem, where hosts are driven by passion and genuine connections rather than short-term gains.

Additionally, the implementation of a host rating system deserves a more in-depth exploration. Viewers and supporters should not only have the ability to review and rate host performance but also provide constructive feedback on various aspects, including content quality, interaction, and creativity. This multi-faceted rating system becomes a dynamic tool for fostering improvement and promoting exceptional hosts, empowering the community to actively shape the platform’s content landscape.

In the pursuit of accountability, a more nuanced approach towards agencies is crucial. Agencies submitting excessive audition requests with a high rate of dismissal should face penalties or potential elimination. This not only discourages the indiscriminate recruitment of anyone with a pulse but also emphasizes the platform’s commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence.

As we reimagine BIGO Live’s recruitment strategy, consider the impact of lowering rebates to discourage trades, and enhance the host rating system, we set the stage for a transformative journey. This evolution is not just about curbing over-saturation; it’s about cultivating a community where talent thrives, broadcaster morale soars, and expectations align with the merits of each host. It’s time to reclaim the essence of BIGO Live as a platform that celebrates true talent and fosters a supportive community.

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