Choosing Your Team / Choosing Your Events (Video Replay)

Rough Transcription from the video:

so Beauty Queen, talking about the 30 box, you did a 30 box and you were 5K short. Was that a major setback for your progression on here? I mean I already know the answer, but like did did that like screeching halt put the brakes on because you still had to pay 300000 diamonds back to somebody or somebody’s but now you didn’t get all those Rewards that you needed to pay that debt because you can’t come out of pocket 30 you know 300K so that like it’s important if you’re doing trades especially it’s important to make sure you get the damn mark.

so I actually have a kind of a personal story along these lines as well so we were doing a 100 box PK um was it 100? it doesn’t matter, it’s a little call it 100 boxes I did 100 box PK and I did the PK against Dr Baddie, a dear friend of mine, I was in her family for a long time and she was at the gym and she was leaving the gym going out to the parking garage and her service cut out and it dropped the PK it ended the PK and in order to satisfy the rewards you know to satisfy the requirements of the 100 box PK you have to get 100 boxes during the PK. Well if the PK ends Midway through, doesn’t count. so my the the supporters that we had in there that we had our team um they were sending so send the dragon send the dragon send a dragon then the PK ends and then another Dragon got sent outside of the PK just because they they weren’t paying attention they didn’t see that the PK stopped and they they pushed a button and sent another dragon. so we only had a hundred dragons lined up or 101 dragons or whatever it was. we had exactly as much as we needed arranged and now we just had one of those dragons basically getting erased because it fell outside of the PK. so now the PKS ended and we have to wait for Baddie to get her phone charged and get back to where she has service and during that time I’m immediately in scramble mode and and so are the other people on my team like you know or it’s a team we’re all in this together so we’re scrambling we need to find 10K from somewhere so we asked around and we’re in these different chat groups these different groups with all these other top people in it and reached out to somebody and this is before we had the out of region rule which actually no wouldn’t matter because she would have been in a region but our friend Natty D from Australia saw my desperate cry for help I need 10K right now it’s an emergency and she came in and well she actually only had to send 5K because all the other people that were in the PK that were watching saw the horrified look and like oh my God he’s not going to get it and we gotta we gotta gotta pitch in and try to try to hit this goal or whatever and so we were able to get 5K of like largely organic support to try to cover that 10K and then Natty came in on the back end with the other 5K and we got the goal so it’s all about having the team it’s all about everybody knowing what the what we’re doing we’re all moving in sync together we all got to be aware of what’s going on it’s not individuals it’s not I’m going to send 10K because I need 10K it’s I’m going to send you 6K because that’s all you need and I’ll see yeah somewhere else

Beauty Queen: when I did my 30 hello Breezy it was supposed to drop pretty much at all on me and she only dropped with like 5K left and I was like what the [ __ ] and just she said oh I was only able to drop and leave but she literally came when there’s like maybe two three two minutes left of the PK when she dropped everything so I literally had like no time to get 5K from anybody

yeah a nightmare nightmare scenario now now let’s talk so that’s what we’re here to talk about is choosing your team choosing your PKS choosing your events so choosing your team if I have somebody that can’t go along with the plan they can’t work together with us they can’t they can’t be bothered to like stay the whole time to do to to make sure that we’re our team is winning that’s a person I don’t want on my team that’s the person that I’m not trusting ever again and now in your case you probably didn’t even get a chance to have another opportunity like that because that like that is such a big mistake or like such a big problem that it erases every game that you could ever possibly make out here and that’s another thing so like you’ve got to be very careful on here because one one wrong move can take you out of games I’m an example of that myself you know I’m not hitting 100 boxes anymore I’m not doing the big stuff I used to do because we had some setbacks along the way so choosing your team making sure that you have the people that can be trusted it can be relied on making sure everybody’s on the same page and so back when I was doing 100 box PKS and sending let’s say I had to send 25 uh dragons to somebody I had a friend um my friend Kelly she was in karma for a long time I remember Kelly Kelly was one of my dear dearest friends and whenever I had to be like her and Willow used to be best friends right mm-hmm yep yeah so anytime I had to send for a PK if I let’s say I had 25 dragons I had to send to Marlins let’s just say for example I would call Kelly and I would say hey Kelly you got 25 dragons and she’s like yeah why what’s up I’ll go well I have to drop 25 dragons on Marlins but I need you there as a backup in case I get hit by a bus in case my Wi-Fi goes out in case my phone dies in case I don’t send 25 dragons I need 25 dragons sent and assuming that I don’t die assuming that I have the ability to still send dragons whatever temporary reason I need you to cover for me D just be ready you just sit through the PK you don’t you’re not gonna have to send anything because everything’s gonna go smoothly and you’re not going to have to send but if I don’t send what my you know I’m expecting 25 dragons if I don’t send it I need you there to send it because I don’t want to be the guy that didn’t come through

like for like Missy and stuff like even though I haven’t been working with her since I haven’t been like hitting tears and stuff because of all the crap that I’ve been going through I’ve told her though like all come sit in your PK and if because like because of the hurricane a lot of her people live in Florida and they were like I don’t know if I’m gonna have Wi-Fi I don’t know if I’m gonna have power I don’t know if I’m going to be able to like be there the whole time I’m not sure I told her I told her like I’ll come sit there and if you need it you can let me know but like I’m not I’m not part of your trade I’m not part of your thing I’m not part of it like but if I’m like I’m like a backup I’m like a reserve I’m there on reserve just in case yep and not everybody has the means to do that so not everybody so like let’s say you’re doing let’s say you’re you’ve kind of elevated yourself you’re a you know you’re doing 10 boxes you’re doing uh no no like you know we’ll start with a 90 we’ll talk about uh doing a 90 PK and you’re doing like 30 30k so maybe not everybody in your circle is good for like being a backup at 30k like not everybody has 30k laying around I know I don’t right generally speaking but to have a couple of people to have maybe to people with you know 15K a piece to kind of be a backup um and just having your team and um having a bunch you know as many people as you can because like for example the Kelly thing 25 dragons if I call Kelly and I say hey Kelly I I’m dropping 25 dragons on Marlins I need you as a backup she’s like I can’t I have basketball with my kids I’m I’m like doing stuff I can’t and I’m just unavailable well now I have to scramble and find another backup plan I need to go to the other people in my circle and say okay Kelsey from the direwolves you do you have like three three boxes extra that um that you can cover in the event like I’m gonna be there everything should go smoothly but I just want to make sure that our team has it cumulatively in case I don’t and um with those big box PK like not the big box because like any bit any big PK like that like waiting until you know like in the beginning when they’re like okay is everybody here everybody here like you don’t really want to wait until okay there’s two minutes left is are they gonna show up are they going to show up like right just like the other day when I sat in for that replacement Cody and like the whole time we’re like is he gonna show up is he going to show up like a messaging him like

yep that’s right so I had a I had a scenario a couple of days ago that kind of wanted to talk about for a second he kind of Falls in line with this a little bit so my some of my hosts did not get paid for the new tiers um so when the tears changed for certain agencies it didn’t it didn’t change for us for for a month so the first month there was like a corrective action type of a thing where we had to I had to fix a couple issues and once we fixed those issues um minor issues just silly just silly stuff we we um we’re able to get on those tiers so I got the confirmation from Vigo and you’re your host your agency is on the new tiers and we’re good to go but when we got paid a couple of days ago they didn’t get paid as if they were on the new tier so the difference was if you were like in the old tears it was a 60k tier but on the new tiers that same 60k to became 50k so you only needed to get 50k to get the the same amount of pay or whatever but our host we had a couple hosts that did like 55k so they were over the 50k Mark but they weren’t quite to the 60k mark so because they didn’t switch it over in the system those hosts got paid for the 30 tape here instead of the 50k here instead of the 60k here so that being said like we’re working with Bingo to get that fixed but in the meantime I’ve hosts that have this month to worry about there that that pay when it gets corrected isn’t going to be corrected until next month at the very earliest so we have two options I can basically these hosts can like be short their pay for a month or in my case because I I’m gonna step up and try to make it right for my host I offered those hosts that that didn’t get paid properly that I would cover them so if they were trying to send a dragon to somebody uh with that pay or whatever I would cover it I would I would short-term loan send the Dragon for them on their behalf to wherever it had to go and then they would get that back from that person or whatever so I talked with the with the one host and she was like Yep this is great I’m gonna have you send whenever you send 10K to this particular person at this particular time yeah no problem I’m there when I got to the PK it was a 90 PK that maxes out at 30k 30k Max when I got to the PK they were already at like 47 000. so they were already over the maps and I said I I would before I saw that score I messaged her and I said I’m just waiting on your command because this is your dragon so you are going to be the one that pushes the button by telling me to push the button and she didn’t respond back and then I I sent her another message I saw the score and I said I’m holding this Dragon they’re already at Max and she calls me and she said no I need you to send it they they are expecting it I need you to send it and because I’m good at this game I know what I’m doing I know that it’s not smart to do that but thank you I had to I just gave a sigh I just was like beauty queen you know how soul-crushing this was for him to do I know wasted money I just wasted money I just died yeah Mike you too right you’re the boss you you this is your dragon so I don’t and so I sent it and I sent it in you know family gifts and thousand Millions at a time thousand thousand thousand thousand pounds all the way up to Ten to Ten hey Kaden it’s like I took my screenshot I sent it to her I said all right I sent it I said as long as you get what you have like as long as you get what you need which is why I’m even doing this in the first place this isn’t to help them I don’t care about them as long as you get what you need I don’t care what these idiots do with their money and that was the stance that I had they’re not on my team I don’t care what they like I don’t care but she is on my team and I want to make sure she’s winning so I sent it okay there it is I sent you sent your thing but yeah like Caitlyn sorry Soul crushing for me to take an order from somebody that doesn’t know the math that doesn’t know what’s going on um and then and actually in the comments that person was like okay I’ll send it to you at this PK at this time I’m gonna send it to you so that’s why and like they’re probably like no well send it I told them I was gonna send it well God even even if somebody said that to me like afterwards if they would have messaged me and said hey I had somebody there to send it but they saw you were at Max and that could have went to another PK like I would have been like yeah that’s the smart move it’s it’s not even halfway through the month there is so much time between now and the end of the and from now until the end of time I mean if we get you know like we get to the end of the month and you’re at you know 300 and I will just say 307 000 so you’re already at the 300K tier and my dragon isn’t even gonna help you get to the next tier does it make sense for me to even send it this month just make sure that you get it back because it is a debt that is owed or you know whatever the case is so you want to make sure you’re paying your debts but because I’m on your team and because I’m we’re working together this is not a one-for-one like just doing it today thing this is a team this is we’re in this for the championship this is like a over the course of time kind of a relationship we’re trying to build here so you don’t need it this month I got your back I got you I’m I’ll send it next month when you need it um I I actually learned this lesson or maybe even taught this lesson way way way way back when I was sort of new in here I was doing uh I was working a partnership with Southern Jewels very very well known name here for various different reasons but um so she had come and saved my ass one time in a PK and she dropped me 20K or something and she and she saved my ass so we got the we got the rewards we everything happened you know we got we I got what I needed and now she says I need my 20K back later today and I showed up to her PK she only needed let’s say seven thousand beans to reach that minimum that minimum Mark so I sent there 7 000 beans I had all 20K ready to go but I only sent her 7K she got 17 beans or 25 beans more than she needed and she got exactly what she needed and I still had the 13k in the tank for her PK end is she was so mad she was so angry the smell spread on her face I’m gonna kick you out just because we’re trying to try to do something here but I wish you the best of luck so I sent so I sent you the 7K I still had 13k in the tank and after after the peak candidate she was so mad on screen on camera and she she ended her live she immediately like went to my messages and she was like why didn’t you send you told me you were gonna send 20K and I said I didn’t send you 20K because you didn’t need 20K I’m gonna have the seven the 14k or 13k for you tomorrow when you have the same event I got you tomorrow I’m gonna cover the whole thing if you need it but she was so mad but that was a person that didn’t understand the math didn’t understand how important it was to save every being that we you know how every being has a purpose every being has a place some of those beans were going to cash out some of those beans we’re going to use to to help our team some of those beans are just there as a backup just to keep it there in case we need it for a rainy day every Bean has a purpose and um she didn’t like that she wanted her 20K right then and there it was going to put her over she wasn’t going to get any any extra she might as well drop 20K might as well drop that in this in this multi where we’re getting zero beans rewards you’re exactly right you’re exactly right it was just a waste it was like a 70 gone but at 10K towards your tier you know I mean like what were they working on on tier did they already hit tier or does that put like you know what I mean as I recall it was early enough in the month that like it wasn’t the last day of the world I’ll put it like that so it was a situation where I could have sent it and helped you towards your tier but I would rather send it towards your tier tomorrow and she gets 70 so back then we were getting 140 rebates we had we were getting crazy amounts of rebates back then so why would I drop it ineffectively a solo live where you’re getting no rebates no rewards why would I why would I do that if if you chose me to be on your team you chose to work with me you chose my brain not my wallet you chose me because I know what I’m doing not because I have money anybody on here would have the money but nobody has the brains like I do you want me on your team for that reason alone because I’m gonna make I’m going to make sure you win I 100 chose you for your wallet by the way I want that shut up it’s empty you can have it I’m kidding his wallet

I always I always use the phrase um what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is yours

that’s what a good relationship partner is gonna do yeah okay so choosing your team making sure that you have the right people on your team and with that with with that person getting angry about me making the right choice for the for the betterment of the the big picture that is a person that no longer is on my team because if you don’t if you can’t you know if they could have Justified it if they could have said I needed you to do it because of this reason even though mathematically doesn’t make sense to do it it might have actually made sense to do it so like so for example she’s got to send 20K later that day for an event that she doesn’t have the beans to cover it um and for her to get those beans is going to give her enough to convert to pay her debt but even in that scenario it’s one of those things where like okay so you don’t have the beans to send but I have the beads to send so I’m going to send the beans on your behalf and we’re not wasting beans correct

yep that now that’s teamwork right there you’re sending it for him and then you just you know you write that [ __ ] down all right well he or he got me back but it got hurt got that person instead that I already owed like that’s the type of situation you haven’t covered that way you know like if that person there’s a lot of people and you have to okay by the drop and or if they owe somebody 30k and they have to convert whatever they have and say it adds up to 30k and then they owe 40K and you just drop the extra 10K in your to save diamonds you don’t have to sending and convert you know what I mean then you know whatever anyway yeah you’re right just uh that’s okay that’s why it’s important to have good good people around you and so when we talk a lot about the networking right like we’re always networking and networking doesn’t have to be what Jeff networking doesn’t have to be I send you 5K and you send me 5K doesn’t have to be like that it just has to restart though so yeah yeah I would I would agree yeah I would I would I would agree with that but we’re trying to build relationships we’re trying to build a trust where for me to send you 5K and for you to send me 5K that helps two people but for me to send you 5K and you to send her 5K and she’s gonna send him 5K and he’s gonna send her this other girl 5K and that person is going to send me the 5K well now we just had six people get the same 5K everybody got what they needed everybody’s everybody everybody we all worked together but it didn’t all go and it’s not like maybe easily tracked it’s not like you can’t just look at your boards and say like well I sent you this much and you sent me that much like we’re even yeah that’s that’s what was gonna happen with me and uh Viking Green because I got my rewards before payday so that I ended up having the bees that I didn’t rely on the rewards to give somebody money or give somebody things back because I didn’t know when I was going to get them or if so I didn’t even use that and then I said well can Viking Queen drop it on yours and she was like yeah she’s you know I told her that bikey queen that has it she could drop one here and then like she like held held held she said no boxes are coming in hold it for PKS and then like I I got the rewards she just messaged me today but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it unless it’s here shortly which most like I don’t know but I’ll figure that out here in a minute but um what I was going to do is have her drop I dropped 30k on bike Viking Queen because she had a PK that she was maxing so I was getting Viking Queen back for one and then Viking Queen was going to send to Anya well you know I said Anya and then Anya would um at that point were mean on your even and it’s done you know what I mean

so yep so okay so the the topic today we’re talking about choosing your team choosing your event so we talked a little bit about the team work side of it making sure everybody’s on the same page we all we’re all in agreement we all work together um we just because you know Mike and I are you know friends um I might have to cover for his friend because you know a friend of my friend is also my friend kind of a kind of a situation but the other thing I do want to talk about is choosing the right event so there are all these different PKS you get that sign up sheet from your from your agency leader from your family leader or you get it in your inbox it’s just a laundry list of all these different events 40 rebate bring your own buddy impossible this and themes and friendlies and all these different PKS there’s so many of them right Max and everywhere so many different everybody’s maximum so many different options and that’s the other thing so maxing PK so you got to remember if you’re new on here which this is this discussion is kind of geared towards the newer host well any of our established homes already know everything I’m talking about this is kind of more designed for the newer host and we are recording this to to play this back for a for the other people that aren’t here or that need to hear this at some point but choosing the right event so if you’re going to choose a 90 rebate PK and you’re up against all of these established hosts that are already maxing out these PKS and and you’re new to the game you don’t have a ton of support and you don’t even have a ton of trade trade bait available to even send out to people so maybe you can only get 20K 15K 8K or whatever it is small amount but you’re going up against these top Stars these people that have been doing it for years that have thirty thousand dollars worth of beans in their wallet they could send a hundred dragons right now if they if they if that was what was the goal or what we were shooting for so you’re gonna go up against these superstars with your weak little 8 000 beans and you’re gonna lose to a person that’s getting 40K beans in that PK so now you just wasted all those feelings so for you to be there in that PK is kind of silly I mean there’s there’s ways you can make that PK valuable to you so whether it’s a your opponent doesn’t show up and you can get 90 off of the 8K that you said you put in a new host uh somebody that isn’t you know somebody that’s gonna fall on the sword for you take the loss tell their supporters don’t send don’t send this is her PK um so you can make that work but you don’t want to kind of rely on it um you want to do a PK that’s a little more balanced for your skill for your level and for our for our newer hosts for them to not be taking advantage of these friendly PKS and these theme PKS where it doesn’t matter if you win or not all you have to do is hit that goal so like the friendly PKS at the time of this recording um it’s a thousand beans reward and you need 450 beans or 500 beans minimum score to re to get that thousand beans as a reward so if you’re only working with 8K you only have 10K available for you to work with for you to use that in one of those events and work your work your team in that scenario um 500 beans today 500 beans tomorrow 500 beans the next day 500 beans a day after that thousand means rewards thousand means rewards thousand means rewards thousands and you’re just racking up all those Rewards um it’s a lot more work it’s a lot more events that you have to do to eat up that 8K that you have but profit-wise return on investment wise smarter to do it like that does anybody have any anything to add or a comment or questions or anything as we kind of go along here hi everybody you just keep talking I brought up the the byobs to you like yesterday or the day before like they’ve got decent rebates for just basically all you have to do is go live and line a friend and you’re getting hours and rebates and you’re both getting rebates like the there’s byobs right now the winner and loser get 40 percent

yep and so on a math on a math side of it in a trade side of it paying I’m not talking about doing trades for it but just nope but just just going live you’re getting hours you’re you’re getting rewards for what you would just be essentially going live for anyways hey talk to one of your friends while you’re doing it that’s right exactly exactly right yep and so so that’s why I want to point out the trade thing so that those are events that are great to get the reward so I’m I look at peaches when I when I see the BYOB type of an event peaches is a person that you can look at her numbers and see that she is she gets a ton of uh beans for not sending out that much right I mean you can look at her numbers now that is by Design right now like there’s a plan in place for for that to change down the road but like right now she is building she is taking the the tools and she’s learning the craft of what we’re doing here she’s going to build and she’s going to be one of she’s going to be one of these the top stars of the sap someday when she gets to that point because she’s doing all of the right things so for her to do a 45 bring your own buddy PK type of a scenario she can she can just get 45 on any of the beans that she was already gonna get in her soul alive from all of those people that just love her for her and they’re gonna gift her just because she exists and just because she has the she’s she’s doing whatever the thing is that they are yeah whatever she’s doing I’m talking about just for like like newer hosts that don’t have the like the resources to max out a 70 80 90 percent like thank you they’re still they’re still getting uh they’re still getting some kind of rebate that’s not a 20 10 rebate or something and at that point both of you are getting rebates like the same rebate so can I ask you a question about that sure go ahead um so I didn’t realize that I could just because I saw that button the PK one and you can like invite a random person or you can invite a friend so I didn’t realize at any time if I just take a screenshot of that but I did that for 20 minutes I’m gonna get thanks for that no no okay no so to to get a rebate to get any sort of rebate beans you have to sign up for you have to sort of commit to the time frame of doing this particular event at this particular time now when I first started on here I did a lot of random PKS I did a lot of PKS with my friends that weren’t official PKS that were on the schedule and they were good for just getting my time in kind of like what what Caitlyn was saying just like I’m already Gonna Be Live and I would rather talk to somebody that’s not asking to see my feet a friend of mine um so I’m gonna get I’m gonna get my time in I’m I’m might as well be chatting with a friend somebody that speaks my same language and all that stuff so you can still do those but taking a screenshot of those just random PKS or just like unofficial PKS is pointless there is there is no reward for that stuff

um yeah so you you would have to do agency PKS I just looked at your profile you have to be in a family to be able to do family PKS and those will be sent those will be sent to like your inbox and they’ll be posted in whatever family chat you’re in whatever family you’re in but like what what is it like be go live team or whatever thing like official video thing and like your messages sends you like all the PKS for the month and everything and then you go in you put what family you’re in you put like your bigo ID it’ll say what dates it runs to what time slots are available you pick the time slot It’ll like usually send you like a reminder in your inbox like the day before like you have a PK at 3 30 PST on blah blah blah day and you go live about five minutes before and you see if the person’s on and you wind them and that’s it and you do a 20 all PKS or 20 minutes though they have to be 20 minutes okay they have to be 20 minutes yeah I saw the shorter ones but um the thing that I I don’t know if you just said this and I’m missing it I don’t get where the I guess the button or the thing is that you can get credit for the the PK that I just come up with like how do you like you have to sign up in another area that you’re making your own these are official events the ones that we’re talking about these are official PK events through Vigo so these are the ones that you get rebates for like when you do like the random matches and stuff those are just those are just like randomly lining people like just like friend like not friend I don’t want to say friendly because that’s another event like no one does that right no one just randomly they do oh sure yeah people do it all the time um if I’m if I’m sitting in a broadcast and there’s it’s just dead there’s like no activity or like the people that I have in there aren’t saying anything I might just to stir up activity and like get people to chat and maybe get people to give I might hey beauty queens live let me just line her for five ten minutes yeah um and we might not even push the button did it like start the timer yeah that everybody can watch yeah a couple weeks ago she needed like a half hour left on her time and so she just lined me and I I looked at the I looked at the clock because I was like oh does she maybe need a replacement because it might be that time of that she might need a replacement but it was late and I was like oh she doesn’t need a replacement maybe she’s just like bored or something and so we just sat we didn’t even start the timer we just sat and talked for like 30 minutes and she was like okay well I’m done with my time so I’m gonna go like

I do want to touch on you brought up the idea of Replacements and we’re talking we’re here talking today about choosing your team is the theme of this of this uh broadcast so being somebody’s replacement is also a way to support your team so if your friend is doing a 90 rebate PK and they need a replacement it’s you know it’s helping your team to just be another opponent be somebody so that the PK can be considered official and they can get their rewards that they’re going to get because they’re going to win the PK and you’re going to just show up and just give them somebody to talk to for 20 minutes they’re going to get their reward and um someday down the road it’s kind of uh I you’ll always hear me use the term like the the leave a pen and take a penny dish uh at the gas station you put a penny in you know you get a penny back for your change and you throw it in the dish and someday down the road you’re gonna need that Penny to to pay your bill so for you to be somebody’s replacement for you to put a penny in the dish someday you’re going to need a replacement and now it’s time to take a penny out of the dish yep every time somebody were randomly lines me and it’s like somebody that I know I always look at the clock and I say oh it’s 10 after I bet they need a replacement and I accept if I can and like hey have you done this PK today or do you have a PK like can you sit and I’m like yep I can sit I’m just sitting here streaming anyways I can sit so

all right so there’s that um we talked about choosing the right event so making sure you’re you’re doing you’re signing up for PKS at um are matched for your level from that are matched for your ability these kind of things um like I said it’s not necessarily a bad thing for you to sign up for like 90 PKS but I wouldn’t arrange for my team to support me in those events unless I knew that I could unless I knew my opponent is beatable and those are when we get the schedules when things work as they’re supposed to you can look at the schedule for today for tomorrow and the next day so you can kind of like look ahead and see what you’re going to be up against in the coming days so today I’m up against Mike NJ who has huge numbers and maybe I don’t think I’m going to be able to beat him but the next day after that I’m up against peaches who maybe doesn’t have um you know a big number that I’m like worried about and that might be the PK that I’m gonna call the call the team for that’s the PK but at the same time I mean they bring my team to that PK and just say here look we’re all on the same page we’re only going to send if we’re going to win if we’re going to win you send it if you’re not going to win you just hold it we got so it’s the 10th it’s the 12th it’s the 13th it’s the 19th we have more days left in the month to get our quota we don’t need to do it today we don’t need to waste our beings losing we want to just wait until we know we’re going to win how how do you feel about when like people have a 90 or an 80 and the person doesn’t show up and they’re like oh I need a replacement and they need someone they need someone to sit

is that the another question and and the end well and the other person is obviously going to probably lose because that other person was going they won they want to max out the other person was a no-show they need someone to sit but that other person is also going to benefit from exposure in that situation probably

sure yeah so there was a scenario so way back in the day I got invited to this uh Vib event is what it was called very important broadcasters Invitation Only event it was only the like the top top stars on here and the the winner got I don’t I think the winner the event was like a 50 box PK so they had taken away the Box PKS and so the reward for winning the tournament was you would get a one of these highly coveted 50 box bouquets that was your lip prize and for me being a math guy being a smart like smart person I said no that’s not an event I want to win that’s an event I’m gonna like participate in but I’m not going to call the team because it’s going to take me three dragons to beat the first guy and now I’m up against tougher people and it’s going to cost me five dragons to win the second one and it’s gonna cost me Nine Dragons to win the third one and then when I get to the championship round we’re both got this far we want that 50 box PK so now we’re gonna go 20 boxes deep to try to win he’s gonna throw 16 I’m gonna throw 18. they’re gonna throw 19. I’m gonna throw 20 and somebody’s gonna lose and be out all that all that money so that was an event I did not want to participate in like to win it kind of a situation so I I signed up for the first day just to do the PK and I told my opponent ahead of time I said I’m not doing the PK matter of fact you should take a screenshot as early as you can in that PK just take a screenshot in the first couple of minutes send whatever you’re going to send just take a screenshot that would be my best advice to you he was like what and I’m like you’ll see so I get to the PK and within the first minute it was um oh I can’t even think of a Silverback was my opponent Silverback was a good friend out here oh my God I remember this so I I show up to the BK and within a minute or whatever I’m going on this whole big rant about how this is such a stupid event and like anybody that’s trying to participate in this event is a [  ] and all this stuff and I said you know what [  ] your PKS and I click the x button no no no no I swiped out of the app and went zebras and I closed Vigo and I went and like jerked off or [  ] ate a pizza or did literally anything else besides finish that PK [  ] that PK he’s like you got a screenshot I saw him reach him take the screenshot so I met that was my cue to my exit strategy here so what ended up happening is he got so it was a win-lose reward situation so because he won he got some neat little 2000 beans reward or whatever and it got to a dance to the next round well because enough people didn’t participate in the event I got invited back in for the second round I got invited back even though I I left the PK early and got like a score of nothing um matter of fact that was a PK Side Story on that same PK so I’m in this PK telling everybody don’t gift me if you send me anything like I’m kicking you out of the live and Taylor comes in Taylor comes in and just starts dropping you know like 99.99 she just starts dropping me like Taylor things yeah just be just being tailored and I said I’m a man of my word I love you Taylor but I I’m sorry and I kicked her out of the lie I kicked out he did so she actually she changed her name on Vigo yeah that was the first time she’d ever been kicked off with any line ever and she changed her name on Vigo the Cody kicked me for like a day or something

shut up so we get to um we we get to the second round and I get the sign up sheet because now what now we’re getting to the point where okay like you’re in the next round but what time are you what time do you want to go so I didn’t sign up for the PK somehow and I don’t know how this happened somehow one of my hosts a brand new host 10 days on the app 20 days on the app something like that somehow he was able to sign up so he got my spot because I can sign up and so they sent me the schedule this is back when they when people would send the agency the schedule and you just had to like forward it over to the to the post or whatever so I see him on the thing and I’m like who the hell he’s been here 10 days how is he in this championship event this tournament for only the top Stars and so I told him I was like all right so you’re gonna lose this PK you’re up against Daddy Z who at the time was uh you know a million to your hosts I think was like the top tier at the time 600k something like that so you’re going to lose I’m just going to tell you right now like don’t even waste your energy you’re going to lose this BK and again you should because it’s a stupid PK to win anyway but your job in this 20 minute PK is to steal every last one of his supporters I want you to go over there and be charming and funny and entertaining and yeah

I know it was uh it was Matt oh yeah all right it was a new guy yeah all right Matt okay yep yep so I told him I said I want you to go in there and just be charming and I just want you to to win the hearts of all of his supporters because you’re brand new nobody knows who you are this is your chance to be sealed so he goes VIP event am I supposed to wear a suit or something I was like yes you are supposed to wear it

she did too he puts on a suit he got a suit and a tie

and he goes in there charms it up and like just makes the best of that moment or whatever but um I remember why I went down that Wormhole telling that story oh the exposure that was a feeling that talked about the exposure and that was exactly what his his goal was not to get beans and anything he did get yeah um from the other side or you know it was Big Picture snowball type stuff we talk about building the snowball I don’t think oh and generally when you do sit in for stuff like that the other person will be like hey gift my opponent like they’re a good sport for sitting in there’s something at least something like that like you’ll get something generally and you will get the exposure because you’ll have usually a ton of bigger broadcasters coming in to drop on that person and they’ll be like oh who’s this person sitting in with them like what family are they in where’d they come from like I lost my last PK and uh he literally came into my live after and sent me like a treasure box and like a whole bunch of gifts and I was like oh my God that’s so nice of you yep yeah it was like King Vote or King something I don’t know he won I mean

so one of my hosts uh two two three days ago so we have this uh agency incentive plan um I call it the elite plan that kind of kind of acts as like a profitary type of a program so like if you’re hitting Tears like I’m basically giving back the agency share to the hosts if they’re like hitting hitting gears and stuff like that and so this host had some beans that was that was Odin for hitting hitting a high tier last month and so I saw that he had a 90 rebate PK and because he’s on my team whether by twice or not he’s in my agency so he’s on my team so I want to make sure that my teammates win so I go into his PK and I get there and the opponent’s already got 44 000 beans on the board their Max they’ve maxed out he’s got I don’t know maybe a thousand beans or two thousand beans or something and then I as soon as I get in there the first words out of his mouth is Cody Cody Cody no no no no Cody Cody Cody we’re gonna give her this one this one’s hers so that was him being a good teammate saving the beans he knew that he knew what I was there for and uh so he’s he stopped me from from unnecessarily spending and I looked at his supporters I looked at the people that had sent him the 2K 3K whatever he had on the board I looked at those those bubbles and they were the bubbles from the other side of the PK those were the people from the other side and as I listened to the PK for a little bit he was telling the story about how he went over he went and found her ahead of time went to her live went to her panel or whatever and just asked like hey what’s your plan what are you doing what’s what are we doing here she goes yeah I’m maxing it out and he goes all right it’s yours so he kind of worked coordinated it ahead of time and because he did that and because he was like graciously going to take the loss or whatever that their team the other side they came and like gave him a threw him a bone for for taking the taking the L

building that snowball because now he’s gonna have um new network people he’s got people that now he Vibes with and that they’ve gifted him and now he’s probably gonna go and hang out in their lives and make new friends and and he’s going to build a pack a little bit more snow on that snowball and now he’s got some extra beans that he can use to like build up and network in that kind of way as well so big picture stuff so that’s what we’re here to do big picture

sharing is caring that’s not what my ex-wife thought

so we got about um another minute left of the actual uh discussion topic and I’ll stay alive for a little bit after that but is there any other questions or any comments or any kind of things maybe we could touch on related to choosing your team and choosing your events from anybody yes yes what’s the best PK to sign up for near the end of the month is it going to be 80 90 still coming or are they already um I honestly I I haven’t looked that far in advance and and you’re doing the right thing by by thinking about what’s coming up um I do know there’s 90 I want to say those 90s go to the end of the month I think this current batch because uh uh one of our hosts messaged me yesterday and asked for the sign up link for the 90s and I sent you the 90 to 80 to 70 so I said here’s all of them here’s these are the ones that you should be at your level you should be kind of going after these ones and as I recall they did go until like the 29th and 30th at least one of those isn’t there that family one that’s a 70 but it’s only like the last like week of the month or something oh I can’t do that bro yeah I’m not sure it’s not maybe not a win like the last like 10 days or something like it’s not even going on right now the other thing um there uh there is uh three or four events that are happening right now that are not PKS at all they are basically just sign up for them I don’t even think they require a time I think they just require you to like like sign up for them so you’re on like the database and all you have to do is get gifted a certain amount of beans during that day and they’re given like being rewards out for that so for those that don’t like doing PKS but still want to get rewards um they they count if you’re in a multi they count if you’re in a Solo um I was unclear about that I yeah I thought that I read somewhere that it was only for like the first like thousand people or something that’s right yep that’s right so it is a um there is a cap on it it’s it’s per day well actually I don’t I’d have to look at it but it is a first come first serve type of a situation and it is a daily type of a thing so you can do it multiple days from from what I remember reading of it but as with any PK whether it’s a family an agency PK anything that you sign up for on here if you read the instructions it’s going to tell you what you need to do and if you have questions or if a lot of things are in Vigo English that needs to be translated into regular English translator that is that is what I do that is literally what my job is so ask me questions ask me too many questions ask me all the questions that is what I do that is what I love so I’ve seen that one thing posted in the agency where you said something about uh if you have any questions on PKS feel free to ask and it was like other stuff that it was a big paragraph but that was like near the mid end of it um and like the other stuff I forget what it was but yeah that was the main thing with the the PK part that I remember yep so all my hosts have um and I I maybe there’s too many chats I’ve gotten feedback about that before but I try to keep it organized I try to keep things relevant to this topic over here and things relevant to there but there are all of my hosts having team chat which has my leadership team and my host in it and only them so some private message type of things that if I can’t get to it immediately somebody on my team can get in there and answer a question we also have the host only chat which is for all of our hosts only um and if you post a question in there generally there’s other hosts that are not new that have been around here they know how this works and they can chime in and I encourage you veteran hosts to step up and answer questions if you see something pop in there and I don’t get to it immediately and then we also have the public chat so my my agency chat is open to public anybody who will uh is wants to be a part of it like can join it and there is a public chat in there as well so the people that are not my hosts are not in the family that we you know any of the families that we kind of run together you can join that public chat is in there as well you’re not going to see the hosts only chat you’re not going to see like some of the r squared exclusives type chats but there is a public part in there so if you want to post to the public chat that’s a great place to look for people uh for Replacements um that’s a great place to maybe if you need 5K or something and you want it to come from outside of agency like that’s a great uh resource so I encourage everybody to use our chat and for those that are not in our group already if you go to forward slash chat it will take you to the Discord link you have to already have Discord it’s going to like pull you into our server and you just yep I want to join and in you go and just follow the instructions I am very wordy as you probably can tell from just listening to me so there is a ton of information in there it’s I’m never gonna miss I’m Never Gonna Leave Out an important detail and because of that there’s going to be a lot of words so bring your reading glasses I got another uh question this is way way more advanced I was trying now do you I’m not recruiting I’m recruiting a recruiter is that not good on bigger absolutely I mean if you guys I’m recruiting over I’m recruiting a recruiter I’m not recruiting a host I mean yep so um yeah

yep so you would you just talked to me kind of privately because as so I have a rather generous um referral program like probably I want to say matches any other plan on here like the math is kind of confusing from a distance but like in the big picture I I’m gonna I’m confident in saying that my referral plan is as good as any referral plan out there it just might be over the long term um so where some people are paying a one-time lump sum up front or they’re paying you know a percentage over time or whatever like we kind of have a hybrid of that and we get an upfront piece and a an overtime piece but keep in mind that we also have all these other plans in place for the for the existing hosts so there’s only so much funds to go around that um some of it has to go to our hosts so um and a lot of with the referral stuff it basically eats up all of the all the profits so we’ll have you and I’ll have to like talk and work on a on a plan that for what you’re talking about is kind of a unique situation I’m gonna have to figure out the the numbers on that to make it make sense for you and for to make sense to the recruiter yeah also I mean yeah I mean I was just oh I just seen that there and then I was just like you know what like if I can find somebody who I feel that can succeed in that situation yep I I feel it would be a great thing whether it’s just end up people just bringing it bringing them to me to put them in or you know whatever but they get credit for it not me you know what I mean it’s just whatever that’s what I was trying to do in a in a scenario so there is some some unique scenarios that I’ve like stress tested just to see how it works or whatever but if we make a hundred percent if the agency makes 100 of the agency commission and uh let’s say a percentage of that goes to the host for hitting the like the four million tier they’re gonna get a massive percentage of the pie but then because they were recruited by somebody the recruiter is also getting a masterpiece of the pie and so in that particular scenario the like a four million tier host would actually cost me money because I’m paying so much to the recruiter and I’m also paying so much to the host I actually have to come out of pocket on in that in in a there’s two very unique scenarios um that could actually cost me money but at the end of the day if we can get high hitting tier hosts on here that even if I don’t make a single dime it cost me money to have a 4 million to your host I would rather have a 4 million tier host in my in my Camp than to make the money and I’ve showed that time and time again with these different referral plans and the different uh plans the giveaways and all the little incentives that I give away like pretty much everything I make almost everything I think this goes right back to everybody else so and that’s facts for real Cody works his ass off I don’t need I’m I’m working I have a day job I work at and I’m like I’m satisfied and I’m comfortable I eat and I want to make this app and this community is for my own fulfillment so I’m here to exist in this community to be a respected member of the community to have the friendships and the relationships that I’ve built on here is far more important to me than any any money so you guys keep the money just um make sure that we still have a place here that’s that’s the most critical part to make sure we still make sure r squared and Cody 80 and and the team still exists that’s why that’s what we’re here for the selling point when you are recruiting Because you can say I know I can say that out of all of the agencies on here that I have heard about like by far r squared is the most respectable one that I have heard about I’m not downplaying on any of the other agencies that are you know doing their people right but um for sure are squared and the time and effort and um hush it and the respect for Cody is by far amazing so that is a very I know when the people that I do run across um that are inquiring about being a host or whatever that’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth I I check and see if they’re really serious about it and then I brag about how our agency is the [ __ ] okay well and I know in the past like we’ve we’ve lost a few good like friends of friends of our host kind of thing because of the agency percentage kind of scares a lot of people off like okay I got a friend or like my husband’s trying to come on here whatever it is but I don’t want to bring them here because like the agency percentage and I don’t want to I don’t want to like over gift them and then like they don’t get paid or neither of us get paid kind of thing but when you join a team like this and we have all these different pieces in place and all this bigger network of other agency partner friends that are also in our chats and we we built this giant community of people we have ways to correct agency percentage things we have ways to correct out of region we have ways to fix all of these things so anytime I hear somebody like turn down beans or they say don’t gift me you’re out of reason or don’t give me you’re in my agency I say well I can tell that’s somebody that’s not on my team because my team is taught take all