Coming in Clutch! (PT 1)

In all the years I’ve been on BIGO Live, I’ve seen a lot of close calls. I’ve been on phone calls in the final minutes before somebody’s largest PK of their life. I’ve been there when something breaks, or something goes wrong and we’ve got under 5 minutes to figure out a solution. These are the kinds of situations that can be the difference between somebody getting $4000 worth of rewards, and somebody getting $0 in rewards and losing thousands. —Or worse yet, causing your entire team to miss the target, and nobody gets ANY rewards. That’s a $40,000+ loss.

Cody80 from BIGO LIVE stressed out about BIGO
This is what being stressed about BIGO Live looks like.

I’ve been in situations far too many times, both as a member of the team of gifters, and as the star of the show on screen. Sometimes it’s less than 1000 beans, other times it can be 50 dragons that we need to find and cover with only minutes to spare. It’s truly a heart pumping and adrenaline inducing feeling.

That’s why it’s important to have solid, trustworthy people on your team. You need people who can adapt to change on the fly, make important executive decisions, and who understand the big picture and the gravity of making the right calls under pressure. It’s also good to have well connected and well respected people in that assembly of teammates too.

Early in the morning I got a text message from somebody on my team. They were notifying me that they had finally gotten their high-rebate PK they’ve been waiting for so I can return the 20,000 beans I owed them. I set an alarm in my phone, double checked that I had enough beans to convert and carried on with my day. This was going to be another routine drop like I’ve done 1000 times. For her, I AM that solid, trustworthy teammate.

20 minutes before the PK is scheduled to start, I return to my wallet to convert the beans into diamonds. That’s the 10299 beans button pressed 7 times. 72,093 beans which converts to 20,300 diamonds. Easy, peasy. As soon as I saw that the beans were deducted, I switched to the diamonds tab to see that they converted properly. 93 diamonds. Wait what? Where the hell are my diamonds? It took the beans, but where are the diamonds?!? My heart rate starts to increase.

BIGO LIVE wallet showing zero diamonds and a popular saying network error
Where are my diamonds?!

I exit out of the wallet, and then re-enter my wallet expecting that it would refresh the number that way, but this time instead of 93 diamonds, it says ZERO and a pop up displays on the screen. “Network error, please try again” Oh no, you’re kidding me! I don’t have service? I show full bars. I’m on 5G. What’s the problem here. I’m really starting to panic now.

I tried everything I could think of to try to restore connection. Airplane mode is the first go-to. Flick it on, flick it off. Usually that takes care of any network gremlins and resets everything back to normal. Nope, still no network. I tried login in from another phone, and from another account. Still nothing. I even deleted BIGO and reinstalled in. Now I can’t even log in at all. Something’s big time wrong.

Have I finally been fully banned? I’ve been coping with the pain of losing my ability to post to my bar for about a week, and it’s within the realm of possibility that my account was not just bar post banned, but it had been completely banned. Oh no! My nightmare is finally here. What am I going to do about the agency? What am I going to do about my friends? Everybody I love lives inside this app. I can’t get banned! This is my home! There’s no time to worry about that, you’ve got to find somebody to send that 20k on your behalf — and quickly —- that PK should have started three minutes ago.

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