Classic Shows: The Eternal Skunk Show (August 6, 2015)

Episode 15 – True Stories About Donald Trump (08-06-15)

We’re back for another edition of The Eternal Skunk Show. This week Cody shares his recent run-in with the police, and the guys discuss a video which depicts another case of an unexplained police shooting. New music from Warren G as well as Method Man and Redman are played on the show and the guys talk and remissness about days past. We find out where airplanes dump their shit, and O talks about one of his favorite Coast to Coast guests David Paulides who researches disappearances in national parks and other unexplained mysteries. O proves that he is knowledgeable about many topics, like Russian comedians, and the guys compare story about annoying small talk. The guys finish the show by talking about the latest news from the Green Bay Packers and look at the upcoming season.