Classic Shows: The Eternal Skunk Show (August 18, 2015)

Episode 16 – Jesus Was Fucking Good (08-18-15)

In the most recent episode of The Eternal Skunk Show, Cody and O begin by talking about the new NWA movie that has been playing at movie theaters and talk about the changes in new music compared to “the good ol’ days.” News breaks during the show, involving Subway mascot Jared Fogel and the guys weigh in on the charges. The guys talk about doing mushrooms at each of their first jobs, and go into other stories about times doing mushrooms as adolescents. O has an adventurous week and tells an epic tale of a recent all night bender, and his encounter with a bathroom attendant, as well as a story involving the police and a road rage incident that stretches over the span of several days. Cody lectures O on how to drive and shares a story about when his car was towed and he was harassed for buying Mountain Dew. They wrap up the show by discussing the Green Bay Packers and the players they are excited to see this upcoming season.