Product Review – Casper Mattress

This is my review for the Casper Mattress. I was not given the mattress for free in return for this review, and I did not get paid to make a positive review or this product. Any product or service that I feature on is truly a product that I stand behind and I will always give you my 100% truthful opinion of it.

Where Did I Discover Casper?

I was first introduced to the Casper Mattress from the iDownloadBlog podcast. They had posted a review on their site and talked about it on their show, and they really seemed to like it. I had been in the market for a new mattress, so I thought I would look into it a little further. It turns out, they had overwhelmingly positive reviews and a killer 100 day trial, where if you don’t like it you could return it hassle free, so there was almost no risk whatsoever. I gave in and bought the mattress.

The mattress arrived at my door a few days later and I was amazed at how easy it was to set up. It comes compressed into a box that makes it easy to fit though any door. First you open the box and pull everything out. Then you use this little cutting tool that is provided to slice open the wrapping and stand back. The mattress will inflate and expand right before your eyes, so make sure you have it in the bedroom before you begin the assembly process.

What Do I Think?

My overall opinion is that this is a great product. It is as soft as air and uses a memory foam layer to conform to your body. Unlike many other memory foam mattress, it has a layer of latex that allows for the mattress to breathe and stays cool. I’ve had other memory foam products and one thing I’ve noticed about them is that they tend to overheat. The Casper Mattress does not. It also provides just enough firmness to support my hot trucker bod, while allowing just enough sink to conform to my hot trucker bod. It’s hands down the softest and most comfortable bed I have ever slept on.

My Customer Service Experience

I had a slight issue when I opened the box with the small cutting tool. When I was cutting through the plastic, I also cut through the mattress cover. It was 100% my fault as I was so excited to get the package open that I didn’t take the time to watch what I was doing. Because there isn’t an option on their store to purchase just the mattress cover, I wrote an email to Casper explaining what happened so I could get a new cover. Not only did they respond back the same day, they sent me a new cover in just a few days at no cost. I could not believe it.

Feel Like A Million Bucks

I’ve had the bed for over a year now and I absolutely love it. In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to also purchase the matching pillows and sheets. Casper’s products have revolutionized the way we sleep. We no longer are getting poked by springs, or have to worry about a saggy middle. The sheets are so incredibly soft to the touch and I feel like royalty when I sleep in them. Since the average person spends about 1/3 of their lives in bed, it makes sense to pay a little more to ensure that you have one of the best bed money can buy. You might not be a millionaire, or live the lifestyle of a millionaire, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to have as comfortable of a night of sleep as a millionaire.

Where To Purchase

The Casper Mattress can only be purchased online. One nice thing about that is there aren’t brick and mortar stores to have to pay for. They can save money on the electricity bill and paying a salesperson and as a result, pass that savings on to the customer. Casper offers free shipping, and like I mentioned a 100-day, no-hassle return policy. In fact, if you try Casper and don’t like it, they will come and pick your mattress up and have it donated to a local charity. If you purchase the Casper Mattress through our affiliate link below, you will save $50 right off the bat. What do you have to lose?

Visit to begin your journey to a better nights sleep.