Embracing Authentic Engagement: The Case for ACU-Based Rewards on BIGO Live

In the bustling world of live streaming, BIGO Live stands out as a platform that connects millions through the power of real-time interaction. However, the current compensation model, primarily based on beans received, has spotlighted a pressing issue: the undervaluation of genuine content creators. A shift towards rewarding Average Concurrent Users (ACU) could revolutionize this landscape, ensuring that broadcasters who truly captivate and engage their audience are recognized and celebrated.

The Flaw in Bean-Based Rewards

The bean system, while innovative, has inadvertently encouraged a culture of reciprocity among top broadcasters, where the focus shifts from content quality to bean trading. This phenomenon leads to a paradox where some of the highest earners on BIGO Live are those whose streams lack substantial viewer engagement. They meet their streaming quotas by passively broadcasting their daily routines, from watching TV to gaming, without truly interacting with their audience.

The Merit of ACU

ACU, on the other hand, measures the average number of viewers present in a broadcast concurrently, offering a more accurate reflection of a stream’s appeal and the broadcaster’s ability to maintain viewer interest. This metric naturally incentivizes content that resonates with viewers, fostering a more vibrant and engaging community. Here’s why BIGO Live should consider ACU as a pivotal metric in rewarding broadcasters:

  1. Promotes Quality Content: ACU-centric rewards would encourage broadcasters to invest time and creativity into their streams, leading to a richer variety of content that can attract and retain a wider audience.
  2. Enhances Viewer Experience: When broadcasters are motivated to engage their audience actively, it elevates the overall user experience, making BIGO Live a more enticing platform for both new and existing users.
  3. Fosters Genuine Communities: Rewarding ACU would prioritize the creation of authentic communities around broadcasters who share, interact, and genuinely connect with their audience, rather than those who merely exchange beans.
  4. Encourages New Talent: Talented newcomers often struggle to break through the bean-trading networks. An ACU-based model would level the playing field, giving rising stars the visibility and support they deserve.

Case Studies: The Impact of ACU-Focused Rewards

Consider the story of a broadcaster who, despite having a modest following, consistently draws hundreds of viewers with their innovative cooking streams. Under the current system, their earnings might not reflect the high engagement and positive community response they generate. Shifting to an ACU-based reward system would not only increase their earnings but also highlight the diversity and richness of content on BIGO Live.

Another example is a musician who hosts interactive live concerts, taking requests and engaging with fans in real-time. Despite their ability to maintain a high ACU, their earnings might not compare to those engaged in bean trading. Recognizing such talent based on ACU would underscore BIGO Live’s commitment to nurturing genuine artistic expression.


Adopting ACU as a key metric for rewarding broadcasters aligns with the core values of BIGO Live, celebrating genuine engagement, creativity, and community building. By incentivizing quality content, BIGO Live can continue to thrive as a platform that not only entertains but fosters meaningful connections across the globe. It’s time for BIGO Live to lead the way in valuing authentic interactions, setting a new standard for the live streaming industry.

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