March Streaming Update

Hey everyone,

Quick heads up – I’m on a streaming break from BIGO Live for the next 30 days. Here’s the deal: during a live session where we were all getting into the Daytona 500, I showed some crash replays and talked about the race with my buddies. Turns out, that was a no-go because of copyright rules, and BIGO had to enforce their policies, which I totally get.

I’m not planning to fight the ban since I know I stepped over the line, and buying my way out with SVIP points doesn’t make sense for me. Trading and all that isn’t really my style, and I’m not making big bucks as a host to justify it.

If I’m itching to go live, you’ll find me on TikTok at Cody80live or back on BIGO under my ID: cody80. I’m not sweating the decision; rules are rules, and I respect that. Plus, my approach to streaming, here or anywhere else, isn’t going to change because of this. I’ll be back in the game in April, maybe sooner.

Catch you later!


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