Staying Within Bounds: Avoiding Bans on Bigo Live

Bigo Live, with its wide-reaching platform for live streaming, brings with it a set of rules and guidelines that users must navigate to avoid getting banned. This blog post will delve into the reasons behind bans on Bigo, how to prevent them, and the path to getting unbanned, highlighting the significance of SVIP points and Bigo’s AI technology in monitoring content.

Understanding the Ban Triggers on Bigo Live

1. Inappropriate Behavior and Content

Bigo’s AI facial recognition technology plays a crucial role in identifying inappropriate behavior. Acts like displaying excessive cleavage, smoking, or even subtle gestures that can be misinterpreted, such as moaning or adjusting oneself under clothes, often trigger bans. Even seemingly innocuous actions, like chewing on a pencil, might be mistaken for smoking a cigarette.

2. Profile Management

Your profile photo and posts are also subject to scrutiny. Content that violates Bigo’s guidelines, even if it’s just on your profile, can lead to a ban.

Top Reasons for Bans

  • Explicit Content: This includes any form of nudity or sexual conduct.
  • Harassment or Bullying: Any form of harassment is taken seriously, in line with Bigo’s Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • Violating Copyright Laws: Unauthorized use of copyrighted material.
  • Illegal Activities: Promoting or engaging in illegal acts.
  • Spamming or Scamming: Engaging in these activities can lead to immediate action.

Avoiding Bans on Bigo Live

  • Understand Bigo’s Rules: Familiarize yourself with Bigo’s Community Convention and Broadcaster Agreement.
  • Content Moderation: Be mindful of the content you broadcast and share, including your profile.
  • Use Caution with Gestures and Activities: Remember that it’s not just about what you’re doing, but how it appears to others and the AI monitoring system.

Getting Unbanned: The Role of SVIP Points

If you’re banned, acquiring SVIP points offers a way back. You can earn these by recharging at least $1200 monthly or purchasing them from an existing SVIP user, who can then submit an unban request for you.

Severity and Duration of Bans

Bans on Bigo Live vary in duration, depending on the frequency and severity of the violation. Minor infractions might result in a 10-minute ban, while more serious or repeated violations can lead to bans lasting 30 days or even up to 10 years.


Navigating Bigo Live’s guidelines is crucial for a seamless experience on the platform. Understanding what leads to bans and conducting oneself appropriately can enhance your streaming journey. If you do find yourself banned, the SVIP points system offers a pathway to redemption. Remember, it’s not just about what you do, but how it’s perceived.

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and enjoy your time on Bigo Live!

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