Super Dragon Playoff

Here is the Super Dragon Playoff Standings as of 9/24/2019. Visit for the most updated standings.


Each bean sent will count as one point
Ex: Kiss Me = 500pts ; 99 maces = 99pts ;
1 Lucky Star = 3pts ; 1 Bell = 1pt


100 bonus points awarded for Family Shield
1000 bonus points awarded for Super Dragon

Bonus points will carry over to each round
Ex: If you send 1 Family Shield in Round of 16, you will earn an additional 100 points and you will begin the Round of 8 will 0 points plus 100 bonus points if you advance to that round.

Round Elimination Cut Time

Participants can qualify for the Round of 16 starting grid by becoming a Top 16 Overall Gifter, no later than 01:00am PST on September 15th, 2019. When the day is reset, the Top 16 Overall Gifters will make up the 2019 Super Dragon Playoff Grid.

The Round of 16 will conclude at 01:00 PST on October xx, 2019. The highest 12 scores in the Round of 16 standings (including bonus points) will advance to the Round of 12 and have their scores reset back to zero. Bonus points from previous rounds will be added to the reset scores.

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